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Steven Eserin

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Gestalt Psychotherapist

A gestalt therapist with over 20 years experience working with mental health, coaching training and personal development, in schools, the workplace, for local authority and in private practice.

What is Gestalt Psychotherapy

Gestalt Therapy is an existential, experiential form of psychotherapy. Promoting personal responsibility by developing awareness of our experience in the present moment, of our relationships, interactions, our environment and social context, encouraging healthy self regulation and choice.  In Gestalt Therapy we look at the entire person, not just how we think and feel but also the impact of our physical reactions to thoughts and events.

1-1 Gestalt Psychotherapy and couples

Primarily used for personal development, looking specifically at how we interact with ourselves and others, learning how we co create our stress and anxiety; to cope with and recover from depression. It also deals with psychosomatic physical problems.  I can work with most mental health issues from addictive behaviours, obsessive compulsive behaviours, trauma, bipolar, body image and weight,  self confidence, relational issues, dreams and nightmares.

Personal development group

My Personal development group is designed to let you explore every aspect of your self within the supportive and safe confines of a facilitated group.  There are aspects of therapy better suited to group work, for example there may be trust issues, self judgement or feelings of guilt not apparent with your therapist in 1-1 which come to the fore when in a group.


This is a short afternoon group in which we explore dreams, I will not be offering interpretations, as  that is likely to be unhelpful, I will instead guide you through your dream, establishing communication between disparate elements so that they can become more integrated.  Often thought of as the gateway to the unconscious, dreams can provide insight we have hitherto been unaware of, enabling us to move forward with greater clarity and understanding of our selves.

Is Gestalt Therapy right for you?

The first consultation is free, it is a chance for you to meet me, discuss what you need, make sure I am the right therapist for you and that you are comfortable to meet with me. Contact me for an informal discussion or to book your free consultation.

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Psychotherapy is a form of Psychotherapy initially devised by Fritz and Laura Perls in 1940 having become disillusioned with and broken away from classical Freudian analysis.  Perls sought a therapy which was more direct and which focused on awareness.

Gestalt psychotherapy is a here and now therapy, memories might trigger responses, but your reaction is in the here and now.  It is an existential and experiential therapy, which means we do not avoid the difficult questions in life, such as responsibility for one self or our mortality, and we use our current experience to explore our contact with one another and our environment through experimenting. New awareness arises and with it new choices.

We work with most forms of mental health issue from anxiety and depression through relational issues and uncommon disorders like Bipolar.  The main aim is personal development, finding a clearer understanding of you and how you are in the world, enabling you to grow and develop with support.

We offer group and 1-1 psychotherapy.

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