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Hannah Moss

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Wellbeing Coach

I’m an insightful and compassionate Wellbeing Coach who can help you make meaningful changes in your life and become a better you!

I’m an insightful and compassionate Wellbeing Coach who can help you make meaningful changes in your life and become a better you!

Does any of this sound like you...

  • Feel unable to cope with life’s challenges?
  • Not living the life you really want or deserve?
  • Want to make more confident choices?
  • Want to feel more vibrant, motivated and energised?
  • Want to improve your relationship with food?
  • Wish you could sleep more soundly at night?
  • Want to create deeper connections with your loved ones?
  • Lost touch with who you are and what lights you up?
  • Want to bring more joy into your life?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, work with me and I'll help you create the changes you want in your life. I’ve always been passionate about health and wellbeing and I believe that even small shifts to our mindset and perspective can have a dramatic positive effect on our life. I want to help you make small, incremental changes that lead to radical transformation, whether that's physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, nutritionally or financially.

I'm a vegetarian and long-term yoga practitioner and also run, swim, cycle and practise Pilates. I’m a published author and my book The Practice of Mindful Yoga: A Connected Path to Awareness is available to buy from my website. I’m also a Thai massage therapist. I trained as a Wellbeing Coach with Raw Horizon Academy, which is accredited by The Association for Coaching & NHS Personalised Care Institute and I’m registered with the Association for Coaching.

Work with me and become the person you've always known you're meant to be!

For more information about my coaching packages and how wellbeing coaching can help you, visit my website or email me at

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