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Emma Robinson

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Corrective Massage Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner

Emma Robinson has a unique perspective to health and wellbeing, gained from working with, and learning from, esteemed Exercise Physiologists to Native Shamans of the Americas.

In following her own healing journey she has accumulated much wisdom and training and is now dedicated to sharing what she has learned to help others heal themselves, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.


I’m Emma Robinson, and I have over 20 yrs clinical experience in promoting Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health, as I believe these are all interconnected.

I have worked in the Health and Fitness Industry since 1992, beginning my career as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Swimming Teacher. Concentrating initially on aesthetics and functional strength, I soon became interested in Deep and Corrective massage techniques to help myself and my clients to get the body shape they desired. I also studied Nutrition, and later completed training in Shamanism in North America and Mexico as it became apparent that emotional and spiritual health, and a strong connection to nature, were also important to our physical health.

My Reiki training was completed over many years, with a couple of different teachers that gave me a wider perspective into the realms of energy work and its benefits. I currently teach Reiki and offer Reiki within my treatments from a Shamanic Perspective. (we are all ONE!!)

I have continued to learn and qualify in different Massage and Healing techniques that have proven to be consistently beneficial for myself and my clients. Each treatment I give, is unique to that person in that moment. Other treatment modalities I have qualified in include: Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Metabolic Typing, Thai Foot massage, Remedial Exercise prescription, Exercise Rehabilitation, Soul Retrieval and Shamanic card Readings. Whilst I do not offer all these modalities as individual treatments, I choose to incorporate them into a holistic treatment that benefits the entire ‘Being’ that I am working with (ie. YOU!!) In other words…..I will use my full complement of skills to tailor each treatment to your individual needs, encouraging balance, education, insight, relaxation and wellbeing.

Treatments may include:

Deep Tissue/Corrective Massage techniques to realign the muscular skeletal system and correct muscular imbalances that are causing pain and dysfunction. Eg. Sciatica, Sports Injuries, Overuse Injuries through work, back pain, joint problems etc.

Energy Techniques, to aid the release of deeper fascial (connective tissue) patterns that are part of posture, functionality and internal organ health. Energy work also allows the release of emotional blocks and ‘stuck’ energy, creating more flowing life force that can improve your perception of both your internal and external environments, as well as your physical comfort, energy levels and sense of wellbeing.

Sound Frequency healing, to encourage the relaxation of the Sympathetic Nervous System, retune the energy centres and free the mind to relax and escape from ‘thinking’ mode using Hemi-Synch, Isochronic tones and Solfeggio frequencies.

Shamanic Techniques, for Spiritual guidance, the ‘bigger picture’, insight into transition through change, balance, cleansing, self- inquiry and Peace.

Therapies MAY also include support through:

  • Physio/corrective exercises to do at home
  • Energy work eg) Soul retrievals by Emma in her own time.
  • Emotional text or email support

Currently at no extra cost

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