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Dawn Shailer

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Chiropodist & Podiatrist

Podiatrist and chiropodists treat a wide variety of foot and lower limb abnormalities, from corns, calluses through to arthritis, diabetic ulcers and sports injuries..(NHS)

Podiatrist and chiropodists treat a wide variety of foot and lower limb abnormalities, from corns, calluses through to arthritis, diabetic ulcers and sports injuries..(NHS)

I undertake the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists standards of assessment and am HCPC registered ( a professional body of high standards of accountability which safeguards the public).

I will recommend treatment and informed interventions ( this may involve further tests within the NHS for example imaging services like X-rays, ultrasound or when you need another service). For some, but not all, the pathway may lead to an orthotic or insole being worn.

I additionally practice Acupuncture for Podiatry, an additional skill I paid extra to pursue and am Masters degree educated with a long history/ professional career in disability assessment. Working with people through difficult circumstances, learning disabilities, cancer and some end of life care.

I provide Chiropody services, by special arrangement, at The Natural Fitness Centre for the nails and skin e.g
Fungal Nail treatments, Verrucae,
Callus, Heel Fissures, Corns and Thick or unmanageable nails.

Biomechanical assessments underpin my work and is a personal strength of mine, I take referrals from local Chiropodists and Foot Care Practitioners if it is out of their scope of practice.  

Musculo- Skeletal conditions I may see include:
Plantar fasciitis/fasciosis, Hammer and painful toes, pre-dislocation syndrome, plantar-plate rupture, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, Sinus Tarsi, Peroneals, PTTD, Fore foot, Mid foot, Rear foot pain, problems associated with flat feet, Bunions, Leg length discrepancy, Beighton scale screening with applied Brighton adaptation. I have studied anatomy of the upper body which enhances my knowledge of the musculo-skeletol system. This is advantageous because of this increased accuracy in assessment approach. I work closely with G.Ps when required.

I take guidance from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence and link in with other Society Members. For example training in peripheral arterial disease and recognising acute syndromes. My limitations are I am not injecting local Anaesthetic or cortico-steroid or carrying out ingrown toe nail surgery.

I have a personal interest and undertook specialist training in Joint Hypermobility Syndromes, retaining full membership to other specialist groups keeps me informed. I try to use less chemicals and more management approaches. This may include strengthening and stretching muscle groups that are stiff and use of elastic or low dye taping.

Even when it comes to insole and orthotic prescription we consider types and choices for that individual. My business model is ethical and competitive and patients seem to like the venue and hearing the sound of the waves as we work out the best treatment plan for them.

I work with all ages and, by special arrangement, will home visit for my less able patients who are unable to attend.

I am available for both consultations and treatments either for home visits or at the Venue in Eastbourne. Both options are available by prior arrangement.

Because I am part time, a booking system is used and there is a 9am-7pm receptionist available to book in at the Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre, or you can contact me directly.

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