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Ayurveda means‘ life science ’and is thought to be the oldest system of healing, with its roots in ancient India. It is rapidly gaining popularity in the West today, helping many to feel more empowered to restore their health naturally. Its’ principles are easily applied to your everyday life, helping you to take back control of your health in a truly holistic way.

Through understanding our true given nature and Ayurvedic constitution - our unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual make up - we can create a simple, yet individual daily routine that is enjoyable, empowering and rewarding. The effects of Ayurveda are accumulative and compelling - we make informed choices - we feel better - we notice the difference - we can’t wait to take the next step!

I have spent my life learning and gaining qualifications in many disciplines including  paediatric nursing, aromatherapy, colour therapy, sound healing, reiki, holistic diagnosis skills, holistic fertility therapy and the wisdom of Ayurveda. My current studies into Bio-Energetic Synchronisation Technique (B.E.S.T) are creating even more exciting opportunities. I am highly motivated to hear all the encouraging testimonials of Ayurveda and B.E.S.T along with the many forms of energy medicine being offered by practitioners around the world today.

From ancient wisdom to spiritual psychotherapy and quantum science - my interests and studies over the years have been both diverse and eclectic. Through my earlier career as a Registered Nurse in traditional medicine and over 35 years practising complimentary therapies, I offer a truly balanced and holistic service to safely guide you to discover the path that is most supportive for you. I am deeply passionate about promoting other Practitioners too if I feel they are more appropriate for your needs.

As a teacher of Dru Yoga for 10 years my aim is for everyone to be able to benefit from the practise, no matter their age, flexibility or degree of fitness. I love to help my students experience not just physical well being, but a deeper connection with themselves. They are constantly telling me that the reason they continue their classes week after week, year after year is because their lives have changed. They are fitter, healthier, happier, stronger, are sleeping better and more empowered. They are fascinated to learn how Ayurveda and yoga are giving them first hand experience of taking the best care of themselves. To heal and grow. They have discovered deep inner peace, even elusive states of bliss!

The moment I began to study, experience and see the results of Ayurveda Health Coaching, I came to the realisation that …

“Ayurveda holds the keys to our potential for greater health, longevity and rejuvenation. Even those who have a medical diagnosis and require medication can feel healthier with renewed optimism and more abundant energy. Through the wisdom of Ayurveda, I can truly support, empower and inspire my clients to invite the possibility of a more vibrant and fulfilling life”

Discover whether Ayurveda Health Coaching could benefit your life, contact me for your free 15 minute Skype, Zoom or phone consultation to discover more.


The foods we eat are an important part of the degree of health we experience, but the way we nourish ourselves through supplements, restorative sleep, rest, the type of exercise we take part in and our daily habits are of equal importance.

Every decision you make has a daily impact on your health. What you choose to eat, drink, think, feel, focus on or obsess about, where you put your attention, how much time you spend indoors at screens verses being in nature and sunlight.

Your initial consultation will reveal your Ayurvedic constitution and current condition through a simple pulse and tongue diagnosis. The tongue indicates the degree of toxic residue or ‘ama’ which is thought to be the root cause of disease. Ama is an important marker of the strength of your digestive fire, effectiveness of elimination and indicates where support may be needed. These are essential components as they affect our long term health.

During your coaching session we will examine the following key areas and adapt them to your personal requirements:

  • lifestyle
  • diet
  • yoga
  • Ayurvedic herbs
  • Therapies

Your coaching session will help you to understand why you need to adapt each of the above elements according to the seasons and time of day. You will be given insights into your ideal diet and lifestyle along with specific yoga, breathing and meditation practises that will meet your needs.

Ayurveda is less concerned about the ‘label’ given to a condition, rather seeing it as an imbalance of energy as indicated by the doshas. These basic principles of life are expressed through the 5 elements that are present in nature as well as our minds, bodies and emotions. Each dosha has a blend of space and air (Vata) fire and water (pitta) or water and earth (kapha). Your pulse indicates your innate constitution, your dosha or current state and explains how any imbalance is being revealed through your health - body-mind, emotions and experience of life. From insomnia to more deeply restorative sleep, from anxiety and stress towards more peace of mind. And from fatigue to greater vitality and enthusiasm. Through understanding this ancient wisdom, you can take back your power and begin to create the life you love!

Are you experiencing any of the following? If so, Ayurveda can help you to nourish your body and help restore the balance.

Typical signs of Vata imbalance include:

  • Dry skin, cracking and popping of the joints
  • Constipation, bloating
  • Insomnia, tinnitus
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Feeling lightheaded, ungrounded, forgetful
  • Fear, nervousness, insecurity

Typical signs of Pitta imbalance include:

  • rashes, inflammation
  • acid indigestion, nausea, burning sensations
  • frustration and irritability
  • feeling hot-headed
  • hot flushes

Typical signs of Kapha imbalance include:

  • weight gain, weak digestion, high cholesterol
  • lethargy, slow metabolism,
  • slow thinking, slow speech,
  • depression, difficulty in letting go
  • colds and sinus congestion

Ayurveda works perfectly alongside rather than replacing any medication, treatment or other therapies that you may need. It aims to give you the confidence to support your innate healing ability and is one of the original forms of preventative medicine. It is ‘drug-free’ offering nourishing herbs, foods and practises whilst supporting your current medical treatment. It does not replace any medication that you are currently on, but encourages the body to restore and maintain its own balance.

For more information please visit

Your Practitioner

As your Dru Ayurveda Health Coach, my desire is to inspire, empower and guide you towards experiencing greater health, happiness and rejuvenation. Together we will create a plan to support your unique needs and health goals.

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