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July 29, 2020
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I’m sure that you will join us in wishing our therapists a warm welcome back to The Beach Studio. It has been a long but worthwhile wait to be able to open up our facilities once again. Of course everybody’s health has been paramount in on our considerations. We have followed government guidelines in opening and will continue to do so.

However, we are aware that our therapists provide important services to many of you. We’re certain that you’ll be as happy as we are to see familiar faces and talented practitioners in person once again.

We now have some wonderful therapies back for you to try. On offer are: osteopathy, acupuncture, corrective massage, reflexology, EFT, podiatry, naturopathic nutrition and bio-resonance testing.

A little more information about each of the available therapies:

Osteopathy with Andrew Duckmanton

Osteopathy is a method of manipulating joints and muscles to find and treat health issues. Osteopathy begins with an examination where you will be requested to perform a few movements to discover more information about your problem. The treatment itself will include an assortment of facilitated movements and massage which will help to reduce pain, enhance movement and improve quality of life.

Andy's goal as an Osteopath is to assist his patients in living a full, active life, that is free from discomfort.

On top of general Osteopathy, Andy practices Cranial Osteopathy, Medical Acupuncture , Frozen Shoulder Treatment with the Niel-Asher Approach, Rock Blades Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Electro-Acupuncture and Rock Pods Cupping.

Price: Initial Consultation: £50 (approx. 45 minutes) & Follow-up appointments: £45 (approx. 30 minutes)

Acupuncture with Monica Huang

Acupuncture is a technique, based on ancient Chinese Medicine. It involves the use of sterilised needles inserted into different points in the body. The needles help stimulate endorphins in the body which can help with pain relief. In Chinese traditions, acupuncture is said to target energy points in the body and encourage the flow of energy, to improve wellbeing. Traditional Chinese Medicine has existed for over 5000 years and focuses on a holistic, natural treatment of the body. This is then said to improve health.

Monica feels that health and wellbeing is about whole body balance.

Monica also practices: Acupressure, Guia Sha Therapy, Cupping Theerapy, Ear Candle Therapy and can prescribe Herbal Medicines.

Price: £43-£51

Corrective Massage Therapy with Emma Robinson

Corrective massage is a technique used to bring back equilibrium to the body. Bespoke treatments are personalised for the specific issues of the client. However the idea is that the massage will help to treat soft tissue imbalances which may be causing aches and pains. Emma may also provide advice on diet, emotions, meditation, exercises and rehabilitation to further enhance the treatment.

Emma has nearly 30 year’s experience in the Health and Fitness industry and truly believes that physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health are all linked.

Emma uses her skills to encourage balance, education, insight, relaxation and wellbeing.

Emma also offers Energy Healing Techniques, ¬¬¬Sound Frequency Healing and Shamanic Healing.

Price £60

Reflexology and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Jane Long

Reflexology is based on the idea that the whole body has reciprocal energy points in the feet. This means that health issues in the body can be treated by manipulating these pressure points within the feet. The treatment can also help improve energy and help with relaxation.

EFT is a form of counselling that includes alternative medicine with a focus on a form of acupressure. Tapping different energy points on the body (mainly around the head) is used whilst thinking of the issues that needs resolving. EFT is said to help with such issues as mental health issues and pain.

Jane believes that improving your wellbeing with reflexology is a great way to reduce pain and stress.

Jane also offers Luxury Holistic Facial, Mindfulness Coaching,  Fertility Reflexology, Pregnancy Rreflexology, Sensory Therapy Massage, Foot Reading and Rahanni Healing.

Naturopathic Nutrition Advice and Bio-Resonance Health Screening with Tracy Fuller

Naturopathic Nutrition is a way of supporting the body with phsycial ailments and preventing further issues with good nutrition. Good nutrition can help with energy issues, losing weight, hormonal problems, and digestives issues (to name but a few). Hippocrates was right when he said: “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”.

Bio-Resonance Health Screening is a tool that helps identify imbalances in the body, that could have impact on your health. Once these imbalances have been identified, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments can be made to help support and heal the body.

Tracy’s passion (on top of running The Beach Studio!) is to help people transform their health by making simple changes to their diet and lifestyle.

Prices: Full Health Screening: £59

We know that lockdown had a huge impact on many people in terms of mental and physical health issues. This means that we know how important it is to have the Studio up and running again. Whatever physical or mental ailments you may have, one of our wonderful practitioners will be able to support you through it.

If you haven’t come to the centre before but have found that these turbulent times have had a negative effect on you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The Beach Studio is situated in a stunning seafront location. Its close proximity to the sea is enough to begin gently soothing away your worries.

“I love the Natural Fitness & Therapies! I have had many treatments with various different people and they have all been brilliant. From Kinesiology to a food allergy test, there is so much that's on offer there. Tracy, the owner is really lovely and friendly and nothing is ever too much trouble. I highly recommend! Thanks Tracy x” C.D.

We warmly welcome new and existing clientele to the studio and very much look forward to seeing you.

Please contact us by email or telephone at: 01323 732024.

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