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Join us for Fun Pilates classes to improve the way you move.

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What is Pilates and why is it great for YOU?

Pilates is one of very few forms of exercise that offer a truly great balance between low impact movements and building real strength and fitness. It was created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s and has become a highly sought-after style of exercise in today’s busy world.

Our classes can really help you with:

  • Back pain or hip pain
  • Staying strong and flexible into older age
  • Menopause
  • Injury rehabilitation (e.g. following knee surgery, hip fractures etc)
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Building core strength
  • Sports and athletic conditioning

A class full of students practising pilates.

Regardless of what your starting goals are there are options to suit you.

At Natural Fitness and Therapies – The Beach Studio our teachers can deliver various styles, and provide levels for both beginners and those who are experienced.

If you are looking for either one to one Pilates sessions, or small group Pilates classes, we can help you.

How is Yoga different to Pilates?

Where yoga is primarily focused on stretching, spirituality and creating flexibility in muscles, Pilates is much more aimed at strengthening your core.

This is important as building up your core strength creates stronger back, shoulder, leg and abdominal muscles. All of those aspects are essential for overall body conditioning and together give you a body that is more resilient to the strains of life.

Yoga is a fantastic way of relaxing and calming the mind, and Pilates has some of those benefits too, but the focus is on the body a little more.

If having read this you would like to try yoga, please look at our yoga classes page here.

What do customers say about our Pilates classes?

A wide variety of people come and enjoy the classes at Natural Fitness and Therapies. Each has their own story of why, and their own decisions on why they chose us.

Some just hated going to a gym, felt overwhelmed by an experience with a personal trainer, or felt lost in large group classes. Others just decided they needed to feel stronger, fitter and healthier and discovered Pilates.

Below are some customer testimonials specific to our pilates classes, that include a mix of people. There are retired, working, full time mums, and more!

Have a look and a listen, and we look forward to hearing your own reasons soon!

Your Practitioners

Tracy Fuller
Emma Peters
Tracy Moon BSc (Hons)

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Natural Fitness and Therapies – The Beach Studio is much more than just a fitness Centre to come and exercise at; it’s a welcoming space for local people who want to make new friendships and access expert advice on health and wellbeing. It’s is also an environment that...

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