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Hatha Flow Yoga with Pranayama Breath

Young women practising pilates in a studio.

In this class you will be lead through some simple breathing exercises at the start to enable more oxygen, an elimination of carbon dioxide, which helps clear the mind, purge the body of toxic energy and strengthen the lungs.

Then we will lead you through some gentle stretches within the Hatha flow yoga sequence. Hatha yoga helps to improve balance, build core strength, strengthen flexibility, relieve ongoing pains, reduce stress and lower levels of depression.

This practice can also help to improve sleep quality and enhance mindfulness, therefore bringing you into a more relaxed state of mind.

Our practitioner has been working within the holistic health field for over a decade, it is also when she first began practicing yoga, which she has found to be transformative. She is a big believer in the power of intention, breath and movement. It's never too late to start and every little bit most definitely helps.

A group of pilates students talking to the teacher.

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