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photo of the studio looking over the Eastbourne beach.

Why should you choose our fitness classes?

This one is easy to answer!

Not only are ALL our trainers accredited, but they all have several number of years of experience under their belt.

When we recruit trainers to join the team, we insist that they have more than just technical competence. As a result, all of the trainers at NTF are genuine enthusiasts and they demonstrate a real care for each and every one of our clients.

It’s about the experience as well as the class.

We’re able to offer a really flexible approach (excuse the pun!) because our class sizes are small (maximum of 16) and that allows our trainers the time to help each client individually during a session.

We’ve heard that larger classes can seem a bit impersonal, so we don’t allow ours to grow too big.

  • If you want to maintain your flexibility or health that’s fine.
  • If you prefer to challenge yourself to get stronger we can make that happen.
  • If you just want to take it easy and have a relax and de-stress’re ok to do that!

We are happy to help people achieve their goals from attending, rather than focusing on our own.

photo of two people doing tai chi
Eastbourne beach viwed through a veranda.
photo of the studio looking over the Eastbourne beach.
photo of class activities

What makes us truly unique?

Our studio is clean, modern, and stylish… and it is on the beach.

LITERALLY right on the beach. The views are awesome, the sea air doesn’t get any fresher than ours, and it is a genuinely inspiring location to exercise.

Above all this though, we have the best clients!

Many have been coming for years, and there is a real sense of friendship and community. It’s a nice place to be with lovely people to share the space with.

If you are new to pilates at Natural Fitness and Therapies, book a FREE assessment session with one of our expert teachers here:


If you are looking for one of the other available therapies, click the relevant link below to learn more:

photo of class activities
photo of blue exercise rings in studio
instepp fitness
X-hail meditation classes
vinyasa flow yoga
Young women practising pilates in a studio.
photo of two people doing tai chi
tai chi
photo of qigong group on a beach
photo of class
body conditioning
Young women practising pilates in a studio.
Mens Yoga
Young women practising pilates in a studio.
Hatha Flow Yoga with Pranayama Breath
A group of pilates students talking to the teacher.

Natural Fitness and Therapies – The Beach Studio is much more than just a fitness Centre to come and exercise at; it’s a welcoming space for local people who want to make new friendships and access expert advice on health and wellbeing. It’s is also an environment that...

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